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Tell Your Story with Google Tour Builder

The last couple of months have been filled with powerful learning. In the last week of June, I was very fortunate to have the opportunit...


YouTube Tidbit

I recently heard that YouTube will be getting some significant changes. I'm hoping that the feature I just learned about will still ...


Efficient Documentation in Guided Groups with Google Forms & Tab Resize & Tab Glue

I was having a great conversation with Jennifer Cronk (@JenniferACronk) at this past week’s #CAGTI17 about efficient workflows and when I s...


Password-Protected Student Self-Assessments with Google Forms

I was having a conversation with a colleague, James Little ( @jamolittle ), a few days ago about how we can use Google Forms for self-assess...


Keep Formatting In Google Form Response Sheets

Have you ever been annoyed trying to wrap the text in a Form's Response Sheet each time a new row of data appears? Do you wish the shee...


Sharing Student Reflections on Assessments using Gmail's Canned Responses Lab

Recently, I sat down with my good friend, Tina Kurtz, and started to talk about assessment, tracking and parental involvement. She was hopi...


Design Thinking: Going Beyond Taking Risks

Often, in our attempts to modernize the learning experience, we talk about fostering a culture of risk taking. We have this conversation wit...

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