2 YouTube Extensions EVERY Teacher Should Use.

If I had a dime for ever time I played a youtube video in class and there was an inappropriate comment written by another viewer below the video or that there was a ridiculous youtube video mention on the side of my video playing, either of which my students probably saw and gasped over... I would have about $3.70. Thats a lot of awkward, annoying moments in class that can easily derail any teacher.

This is why I wanted to share to 2 of the most important YouTube extension I think every teacher should use inside the classroom.

1. SPOI Options (formally YouTube Options)
This extension is marvellous! It breaks down so much for the user and allows you to customize a great deal. With SPOI you can, hide YouTube video ads, annotations and mentioned videos on the side. All of which are major distractions.

2. Hide YouTube Comments
The title says it best. What more could you ask for? When you add SPOI in combination with Hide YouTube comments (both available in the Chrome Web Store) you get this:
How beautiful does that look?

Try these extensions out on your own, for yourself first. Then let it fly in the classroom, you can't go wrong. Its a safe way to view YouTube videos inside any classroom. No more hassles from ads, comments or ridiculous YouTube video mentions on the side.

Stay tuned for a video tutorial on how to add and use these extension. As always if you have any questions, just shoot us a line.
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