Let's begin....or continue...

So it begins…. our journey started a long time ago, it’s only now that we are documenting it digitally. We have been in the classroom for over 7 years now and each year we have implemented some sort of new technological platform to help engage and drive our students. Every year it feels like we are only beginning, yet we see leaps and bounds from the students. This year it was starting with Digital Citizenship to the Hour of Code to Google Drive to…. (to be determined). It seems like every idea that is churned out and implemented in the classroom  reaps huge rewards for us as educators but obviously for the students as well. There is so much more to do, so much to add, so much to share…. see that curve up ahead, we don't know where its going. This road might be slippery too at times, but it'll be ok as long as we proceed with caution. This is just the middle... of a never ending trip that started over 7 years ago.  

Location: Vaughan, ON, Canada
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