The New but Same Google Docs and Sheets

Google just announced today the release of the new stand alone Google Docs (iOS and Android) and Sheets (iOS and Android) apps to compliment the Google Drive app.

At first inspection these apps seem essentially exactly the same as what is being offered through the Drive app. It seems like Google is continuing to segment their tools into separate apps (Google +, Google Docs, etc). No new features are apparent yet, in fact users who jump into using these stand alone apps will not be lost even the slightest bit as the layout is exactly the same as what you see and use in the Drive app. In fact, users will be prompted to download these new apps when they click on a doc or sheets document inside Drive soon.

It's funny how there is a screenshot on the app store site that shoes a picture of an eggplant in the document. In one of our workshops at Google Camp YRDSB this year me and +Trevor Krikst presented the things you can and can NOT do with the iOS Drive app. One of those things which is still the case and something we would really like to see is, being able to add pictures right into the doc. Its a simple feature, but its missing. I know the app could and should automatically re-size images, but alas the feature is not ready yet. So we wait....

What would you like to see added to the new Google Docs app?
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