Workflows Add-On: Providing Feedback in Google Docs & Sheets

I recently found out about a great Add-On for Google Docs & Spreadsheets called Workflows. It allows for immediate and descriptive feedback on student work. It can also be used as an effective peer assessment tool. I've created a quick tutorial to illustrate is potential in the classroom.


Though this add-on serves a similar purpose to the comments function already available in Google Docs, Workflows may bring a higher level of engagement for students.  My students get a kick out of selecting their personal reviewers and submitting their work for approval/feedback to peers via the add-on. Imagine how valuable it would be to require students to seek approval/feedback from, say for example, three other students and then revising before submitting their work for assessment/evaluation purposes to their teacher?

Over the years I've learned that an effective method for ensuring student success is to provide immediate and descriptive feedback, then allow opportunities for revision. This cyclical process is easily embedded in the Workflows Add-On. Give it a try, it's free!

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