Google Docs Add-on: TWITTER CURATOR

Earlier this month I wrote a post on the value of integrating Twitter into classroom instruction and how Twitter can serve as the walls and halls of the 21st Century.

Part of building capacity and expertise with Twitter amongst students is helping them develop an understanding of effective tweets. The Google Doc add-on Twitter Curator is the perfect tool in facilitating this process.

I use the Doctopus add-on to distribute task templates to my students that contain a topic of focus and criteria for judging the effectiveness of tweets. Students then use Twitter Curator to search current tweets and identify those that best meet the criteria. I also ask of students to provide an explanation justifying their judgment using evidence from the tweet, the criteria and their own ideas.

Check out the video below to see an example of Twitter Curator in action:

If interested, you can find the criteria we use for judging the effectiveness of tweets below:

Tweets are effective when:

  • they are concise (140 characters or less)
  • they are meaningful
  • they are respectful
  • they make appropriate use of hashtags # and/or at signs @

So check out Twitter Curator in the Chrome Store. And if you're looking for more examples of effective tweets, follow us on Twitter @inquireinspire

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