Paperless Assessment is Possible (using the Google Drive App)

Earlier this year I arrived at home with two shopping bags filled with student work, and a folder tucked under my arms, filled with more student work. Needless to say, I had a lot of marking ahead of me that night. Though I accept the fact that part of being a teacher is the continuous stream of assessment and evaluation, I felt the need to address the amount of paper I was collecting and bringing home (I'm not one to complete my marking while at work).

If your students are completing tasks using Google Apps, they can simply share their work with you for assessment. But what about all those tasks completed on paper, like some art projects?

Enter Google Drive for iOS - the solution to my problem.

Here (on the right) is a typical folder view in the Google Drive app. Notice the plus sign in the top-right corner? That's your "Add to Google Drive" menu.  
The last option in this menu (on the left) is "Use Camera"

TIP: I strongly recommend navigating to the folder to where you wish to keep the picture taken before using this option. This will save you from having to move the image at a later time. Even better, create a shared folder in which students upload their images - now there is no longer a need to share the image with you!

Once a picture has been taken and automatically saved to Drive, importing this image into a Google Drawing is a breeze.

The benefit of importing images of student work into Google Drawings is that it becomes simple to add descriptive feedback.  Returning work to students is as simple as sharing the Drawing with them, making the feedback almost immediate.

Here's an example of an art task, submitted to me by the student who had taken a photo of his work using the Drive app and shared the image with me:

So if you think this system might be of use to you and your class, have your students take photos of their work as the final step in whichever task they are working on. Once these photos are shared with you, import them into a Google Drawing and assess away! 
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