Teach young students to Code....easily.

This year has definitely been an exciting year, collaborating with +Trevor Krikst on so many projects, presenting regionally on Google Apps for Education and putting our heads together to come up with some cool things to do inside the classroom. One of those cool things which really turned into an eye opener for both us was coding. Thats right I said it, coding. Now let me just brush off that stereotype you might have of coding being HTML5 or C++ stuff, thankfully its neither, because I was never good at either. What we did instead was try our hand at the Hour of Code (Intro Video). Right after we showed our kids this video and this one, they were pumped! I mean who wouldn't be, its ANGRY BIRDS!  (Since December, Flappy Bird has been added as well) And these are grade 4 and 5 boys and girls. Pretty wild! So we took to our tablets, laptops and computers. We literally just gave our kids some time to choose a coding activity from the list here and start exploring. The videos above imbedded in this post really help the students understand what they are about to embark on. Once they were in, they were glued. In pairs, students shared their strategies and pieced together the steps in order to complete each level. It was a game but it was how to operate the game that really allowed this to think deeply about what was happening. And I didn't have to show them a single line of code. Have you tried this yet? Don't be scared, give it a go and please tell us how it went. Before you start you can also show your students this video, full of celebrities all promoting the Hour of Code.

Lastly, if you'd like more resources on coding for students, my school has a Pinterest board going and we've added some more content on coding in there. Click here to go there now.

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