Track Changes Google Docs Add-on Review

What a relief it was to see this add-on become available in Google Docs. For someone who basically moved cold turkey into GDocs from Word, there were naturally a few things I missed. One of those things was being able to Track Changes. When I started this journey, way back when I was a wee boy +Scott Monohan showed me that File-->Revision History can act as a great substitute to Track Changes. He was right. Revision history is an extremely useful tool in that it acts kind of like Time Machine on Macs. Track Changes on the other hand is a little more visual in its actions. It allows you to visually see changes that were made in the document and accept or reject changes. A bit of a downside to all of this is that, just like in GDocs when you share a doc with someone and allow them "can edit" permissions, they can edit your document, they have the same permission to accept and reject changes made in the document as well. This may be a little tricky to manage depending on your students' capacities. I'm sure Letter Feed will make an update to that in the near future. Other than that, for your visual learners, Track Changes becomes an easier way of displaying the changes made in a document.

Here is the video:

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