21st Century Word Walls

World walls in an intermediate classroom can be difficult to maintain.  It can be easier in a younger grade when vocabulary can be organized alphabetically.  I find that in intermediate grades, the words are advanced and really require a definition for kids to be able to use them in everyday conversation and writing. I used to make my words double sided with the word on one side and the definition on the other.  Unfortunately, my students rarely walked over to the wall to spin the word around for its meaning.  

Then I learned about QR Codes!

Now, I paste a QR code right beside the word on the wall. Students download the free ScanLife app or any other QR code reader and simply hold up their device and scan the code.  I link each code to a dictionary definition and suddenly, the new vocabulary is at their fingertips!

There are a variety of websites that allow you to generate a QR code for free.  A helpful Chrome Extension is the Google URL shortener which has the QR code generator built right in.

Word walls can now be an interactive experience!

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