Teaching takes time.

TJ Berden wrote a nice piece on how wonderful things take time. After some reflection and a 1 month break from the classroom, I can't help but agree with TJ especially when I apply his ethos to the realm of teaching. 8 years into this journey and I'm still learning. We're still learning. Things change, but how come the classroom hasn't. Why are our classroom still looking the same, how come when we look into classrooms day after day, we see the same things. Even Ken Robinson says our schools are stifling creativity. Where has it gone? More importantly, why don't we see it?

Maybe it takes time. "Being a ‘slow’ creator is more about being a long-term leader than a short-term champion," Berden proclaims. There are trailblazers out there who are shattering the walls of the classroom. Taking the children on a journey they have never gone on, and unfortunately for some, will never go on again. But there are a few things that run through the blood of each one of those teachers... innovation and creativity. 

You might argue that some people are creative all the time and come up with amazing ideas. It's true, there are people like that and they are either really weird to hang around or pretty cool to listen to. People like that who are teachers are the ones we need to foster. Those teachers need to be given time.... and more time, to hone in on their craft. It takes time to have useful creativity. 

Inquire & Inspire have been trying to push the envelope experimenting with flipped classrooms, inquiry based mathematics, accepting all kinds of feedback, visiting other schools and even more crazier things for years. Our direction has come from those who continue to inspire us with awesome, engaging classrooms and ideas. Those creative teachers who know teaching takes time and who continue to evolve and innovate. 

So to any teacher who reads this, how are you evolving as a teacher? How are you going to shatter those classroom walls and break the mould of a century's worth of teaching? Share with us, we'd love to hear what you are thinking. 

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