Automated Emails for Overdue Library Books using Google Forms

Recently, I was working with the teacher-librarian at my school to help her create a system for notifying parents of their child's overdue library books.  Writing notes by hand or even printing out page after page of notes to send home in the kids' backpacks just wasn't working.  Very often, the notes never even make it home! 

Using Google Forms, Google Sheets and the New Visions Cloud Lab's formMule Add-on, this system just became so much simpler.  My teacher-librarian began implementing it last June, the time when all overdue books need to be returned, and she noted a dramatic increase in returned books!

The screencast below takes you step-by-step through the process of sending parents an automated email to notify them when their child has an overdue book.

I hope you find it helpful!

Stay tuned because I'm just finishing up a second screencast for how you can use this same Add-on to notify parents about their child's grade.  

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