Cool Google Tools: Build with Lego

I think a lot of us as children spent many weeks, months or for people like me, years of their life playing with Lego. So I was floored when I found out that Google had brought LEGO to the digital world! 

Build: A Chrome Experiment with LEGO, before I get into is actually not just for Chrome users, it can run on Firefox as well, and apparently run poorly on Internet Explorer. Build is essentially an open playground for users to build anything they like, using nearly any type of LEGO piece available. 

What is super awesome about this tool is how Google managed to layer it on top of Google Maps. That means a user can publish their creation/structure to the web and have it geo-tagged to their location. Better yet, they can view creations/structures created by others in a nearby area. 

The potential for Build is immense! Imagine being able to let students imagination run wild when building a structure for science. Imagine planning or re-planning your current school community to accommodate drones flight paths or creating more pedestrian foot paths. Now lets take it to another level: how much did it cost you to build your structure/town if each LEGO piece had a price to it? What is the surface area of your structure? How does it compare to others?

See what I mean? The potential is explosive! 

Have you used Build with your students? What did you do? We'd love to hear it. You can share your comments below or via twitter @inquireinspire or on our Google Plus page at +Inquire & Inspire.   
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