Tutorial: Cropping Images in Google Slides

You may not even notice it but Google Slides was updated a few weeks back and a great little feature was added to it. Cropping. You can now crop images right inside Google Slides, on the fly. What a fantastic way to show student work using photos and easily crop out unnecessary background or photobombs from students...unless of course you enjoy keeping that stuff in the photos. 

Cropping inside of slides has an even more cooler feature to it. Its cropping with to a shape. Just like a cookie cutter. So in this case you can insert an image into your slide and crop the photo to look like a the shape of an arrow or circle or whatever shape is available. Its a handy feature to have when cropping images. 

Check out my 2 minute tutorial. Pardon the poor resolution. 

Google Slides is a robust tool, full of potential. What I've shared above is just the tip of the iceberg, but if you think it might work for you give it a go! And share you feedback or success stories with us @inquireinspire.
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