How to send differentiated emails to parents based on their child's grade using the formMule Add-on

FormMule from the New Visions for Public Schools is my new favourite Add-on! 

Recently, I've started to use it to send emails to parents after a math test. Initially, I was sending home just one generic email explaining that their child had completed a math test and this was the grade they received.  

With a little tweak here and there, I can now use the same Add-on to send home differentiated emails to parents based on the grade their child received.

Below is a screencast that explains how to do just that!

If you're interested in other ways you might be able to use this Add-on, check out this recent post for how you can send home automated email notifications for overdue library books.  This could be easily tweaked for overdue permission forms, overdue sports jerseys, etc.

I hope you find this helpful! 
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