Use Twitter for Social Justice in the classroom.

Sometimes it feels like Twitter is just a fad in the classroom. We use it just to peak the students interest or try and relate to them. I don't think that should be the point of using twitter in education. To me a huge benefit of using twitter comes from connecting with others, learning and most of creating change. 

Lets go down and slippery road for a minute. As the year comes to a close, there were many thought provoking events that occurred which deserve their time in the classroom. If you focus particularly the recent #icantbreathe #TamirRice #blacklivesmatter issues and hashtags that have occurred in the United States are major issues of equity and social justice that pertain to many of our students. 

Photo courtesy of The Atlantic.

And this is where the journey begins, not ends. By bringing these issues to light in any subject matter, students can become not only aware but empowered to continue to talk about these events. They must be talked about. These events have multiple issues about racial divides, social structures, economics, citizenship and humanity. 

The key to using twitter is first starting the discussion by searching the tweets in each hashtag. WARNING: Some tweets may contain sensitive material. It's important to raise this warning inside the classroom. 

Critically think about why people might be making these tweets. Are they influential? How does it effect us? What does it make us think of when we read these tweets? How does it change us? 

The hardest part comes when the bell rings. How impactful was the time we took to discuss these issues? For me, I want students to constantly be thinking about how they can relate to the issues. More importantly I want students to create change. 

The power of twitter reveals itself here....

The Occupy Movement and the protests we've seen across the U.S. about Black lives were both, just to name a few, arranged through social media/twitter. Arranging a peaceful demonstration about the rights of students or any social justice issue can most easily be done via twitter. How it looks is limitless. How will you create change through twitter? 

If you have talked about these issues in your classroom already, how did you go about doing it? How are you using twitter in the classroom? Let us know below or share back via twitter at @inquireinspire 
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