Working with Names: 3 Simple Google Spreadsheet Formulas for Efficiency

Have you ever needed a list of your students first names but the only list you have is one that has first and last names together? You end up retyping all of the names and become annoyed doing so!

I've put together a very short screencast of three helpful formulas that you can use in a Google Spreadsheet. These will help manipulate names and email address so they are in a format that works for you.

The three formulas included in the screencast:

  • Split
  • Concatenate
  • Left

What are some other simple formulas that you use to help with efficiency?

NOTE: Just after I finished this screencast, I saw +Allison Mollica's post on how to split names with a Google Spreadsheet Add-on. It is easier than using the split formula so you should check it out.  However, if you are splitting a name with a period in the middle or an email address to pull out a portion of it, you'll need to use the formula I've shown in the screencast.

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