Hashtags in the Classroom (Part 2)

Inquire & Inspire superstar Kim Pollishuke recently wrote about the importance of researching hashtags, knowing when and where to use the appropriate ones. She learned a valuable lesson after unintentionally misusing an established hashtag and was brave enough to share her story with the rest of us.

That got me wondering about what I can do in the classroom to the help support my students in becoming tweet-savvy and master effective and appropriate use of hashtags.

Here's what I came up with:


  • Share tweets with the class, whether your own or ones you carefully select and collect.
  • Deconstruct effective tweets.
  • Compare and contrast strong and weak examples of tweets.
  • Create criteria for effective hashtags.
  • Create criteria for effective tweets.

One purpose of hashtags is to identify the main idea of a tweet, or associate a tweet with an existing core idea. Ask students to think critically about and pare down new learning by representing key thinking in terms of hashtags:

  • Create hashtags that identify traits of a fictional character.
  • Create hashtags that refer to efficient strategies used when solving math problems.
  • Create hashtags that summarize main ideas in non-fiction texts.


  • Peer assessment: have students provide feedback to one another using hashtags.
  • Have groups create hashtags that best represent their collective identity.
  • Create hashtags that represent the classroom and local communities.

Just because the above ideas and activities involve a developing understanding of hashtags does not mean that each must be executed within Twitter. Students can build experience and expertise with the various elements of a tweet in a traditional classroom setting first. Consider how sticky notes, stuck on classroom exemplars, student work, and anchor charts can be used to communicate in the same concise language as tweets, using the same tools and etiquette.

Looking for more on using Twitter in the classroom? Check out:

Please share any feedback, questions or more ideas on how to integrate hashtags into the learning experience with us @inquireinspire 

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