Link to a specific moment in a YouTube video

Let's say you are showing your students a sample of a TEDx talk. 

Logan LaPlante's talk discussing how he "hacks" his schooling to make being happy a priority is a fantastic example to show to intermediate students for many reasons.

At the 2 minute and 5 second mark, Logan shares a key point that I want my students to hear.

I'd rather not watch the entire thing with my students right now. I also don't want to move the dial along to hit the right moment. I just want it to start at that exact moment when I click on the link. 

Just add this to the end of the URL and voila! 


The 2m5s refers to the 2 minute and 5 second mark.

The video clip will begin to play at that exact moment when you click on the link.

Check out this quick screencast and give it a try!

I just shared this trick with my students and one of them taught me another trick.

You can also do this in YouTube using the Share icon and push the link out directly through a social media platform.

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