Equity & Inclusion over EdTech.

These days we are constantly looking up or hearing about the newest and the latest app that will "engage" our students, help us teach more "easily" and make learning more "fun" or something like that. 

Do students really get to choose how the learn or share their learning?
Have we stopped to think about our learners? What do they need? Are we simply substituting the worksheet for a single app? Are all the students using the same app for their learning? How is this an example of being equitable to all our students inside of our classrooms? Specifically our exceptional students, students who are marginalized, students with disabilities, students who are english language learners, etc. 

We should be thinking deeply about how our vulnerable students learn best. There are times when apps in education can be frustrating not only for the teacher but for the students as well. These are the times that we should be inclusive to our students needs and what they are comfortable using and how they want to demonstrate their learning. I'm not going to lie to you, I had a problem with my students using paper and pencil in the last class I taught. I wanted to go all digital, all app, all edtech for everything. I regret having those feelings. I understand now that students should be able to demonstrate their learning in any way, shape or form that they feel comfortable with. And here is the part that a lot of us educators have a problem with.... sometimes you may not even "see" the students learning. We may only hear it from their mouth. If that's the case let their voice be heard! Don't silence them, don't ask them to put it on paper or on a device if they feel they have trouble doing so. Let them shout it from the hilltops. But that is only one example.  

By allowing our students choice as to how they share their learning, we are strengthening their voice and including them in everyone's learning. Nobody is excluded here. We can be equitable to all of the students in our classrooms by respecting the spectrum of ways in which they learn and their capacities. There is no single app that will do the trick. Just as there's no single worksheet that will do the trick either. How are we being equitable to all the students in our class. How are we giving each student a voice and valuing it in our classroom?
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