Automatic Email Notifications for Google Sites Announcement Posts with postBlaster

This year, I’ve been supporting some schools as they build staff intranets (or staff hubs as my friend @TrevorKrikst calls them) using Google Sites. They work really well except that teachers must visit the site to see the announcements. In public domains, people can subscribe to an Announcement page but in GAFE domains, this isn't possible. You do have the option of making everyone on staff an editor of the announcements page so that they can subscribe to page changes but if you do not want staff to have that level of access, you are out of luck...or so we thought!

Last week, a colleague of mine, Sarah Denney, came across a tutorial video by Danielle Scaramellino from the New Visions Cloud Lab for a script called postBlaster. This script allows you to create a distribution list for staff so that they can receive auto-emails each time a new announcement is published on a Google Site. 

Make sure the staff all have at least “Can View” access to the site so they can click on the embedded link to the announcement post in the auto-email. If they do not have at least “Can View” access to the site, they will still be able to see the announcement in the auto-email but they will not be able to access the announcement by clicking on the embedded link.  

It’s exactly what we’ve been searching for!

Below is a written tutorial with screenshots for the setup process. If you prefer a video tutorial, I’ve embedded the one created by the script writer Danielle Scaramellino. 

Please Note: To run the postBlaster script, you must use the force copy of the Google Sheet provided in the written tutorial or on the New Visions Cloud Lab site. The script is already installed on the force copy because postBlaster is not available in the Sheets Add-ons menu.

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