Design Thinking: Going Beyond Taking Risks

Often, in our attempts to modernize the learning experience, we talk about fostering a culture of risk taking. We have this conversation with the best of intentions in hopes of creating an environment accepting of and responsive to failure and the invaluable learning that comes with it.

Last night, we (Kim & Trevor) had an opportunity to participate in a design thinking workshop facilitated by the Future Design School (FDS).

What we now understand is that there is a significant difference between creating a culture of risk taking versus creating a culture of experimentation.

We realize for some that this may simply be an issue of semantics, but please hear us out...

Risk taking implies taking chances, which is awesome!  A culture of experimentation however goes beyond trying something new to a more cyclical process. There is an implied accountability with a culture of experimentation that requires us to return to the drawing board when things go wrong, and try again! Inherent in a culture of experimentation is the idea of ideation, iteration and when necessary, pivoting.

And when you think about it, the design thinking process and the scientific method have quite a bit in common besides their cyclical nature. Both depend on intuition. Both balance creative thinking with critical thinking. And perhaps most importantly, both can lead to innovative and impactful ways of interpreting and engaging with the world in which we live.

-- @kimpollishuke@trevorkrikst

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