Sharing Student Reflections on Assessments using Gmail's Canned Responses Lab

Recently, I sat down with my good friend, Tina Kurtz, and started to talk about assessment, tracking and parental involvement. She was hoping to begin a new reflection process for students after assessments are returned.  She’d like her students to reflect on what they did well, what they will do to improve and what questions they may have moving forward.  She’d also like to have a routine where these reflections are sent home to parents to be signed and then returned.

We all know how tricky this can be. If we are lucky enough to have the reflection get home and into the hands of a parent and perhaps it even gets signed, who knows if it will find its way back to the hands of the teacher.

I’m sure there are other digital ways to track these kinds things but we came up with one workflow that does a few things:
  • keeps the responsibility in the hands of the students  
  • involves parents by meeting them where they are at rather than asking them to look for something in a binder or in the Drive (check out a great blog post by Scott Monahan that discusses this concept here)
  • leverages the technology we have to improve the communication about assessment between the school and home

NOTE: You’ll have to first make sure that your students have access to their gmail account and that it can send and receive emails beyond their school board’s domain. In our school board, only intermediate students (grades 7 & 8) have access to a full gmail account.

We haven’t tested out this workflow yet but we plan to.
If you like the idea or if you have any feedback on the process, please let us know.


Kim & Tina

Click HERE to access the written tutorial.

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