Keep Formatting In Google Form Response Sheets

Have you ever been annoyed trying to wrap the text in a Form's Response Sheet each time a new row of data appears? Do you wish the sheet would remember the formatting?

The copyDown Add-on solves this problem.

CopyDown only works if there if a formula in the second row. If you don’t need a formula in your sheet or you don’t yet know anything about formulas, that’s okay!

Use these 3 simple steps.

1. In the first column next to the last one created by the form, add in the header copyDown Formula (or any other wording that you want). Add in a basic formula into row two. You can just use =A2. Hide the column so you do not even have to see it again.

2. Format the sheet according to your preferences. My favourites are Wrap Text, Vertical alignment to the top, small sizes for timestamp, etc.

3. Run on the copyDown Add-on.

All new rows containing form responses will keep the formatting.

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