EFFECTIVE WORKFLOWS: Split Screen Layouts Made Easy

Multi-tasking is a huge part of our jobs as teachers. One of the ways that we do this is having two screens visible at once.  We can, of course, manually separate tabs and then resize them so that they evenly split the screen. 

Then, when we need to put them back together into one browser, we have to manually do it again.  

I know.... why is this such big deal?  It really isn't except that it takes time. 

Check out Tab Resize and Tab Glue from the Chrome Web Store.

The Tab Resize extension offers you a variety of ways you can resize your screen layouts. It also offers a way to put them all back together with two clicks.  

Add the Tab Glue extension and you can rejoin all the tabs with only one click.

I really believe that an efficient workflow opens the door to better teaching practice. When I can spare a few minutes here and there, that's a few more minutes I can spend offering my students helpful feedback. 

The best part was when I shared these two extensions with my intermediate students. They were so grateful for the ease of opening two browser windows side by side. They loved that they could have their outlines on the left and their docs on the right with just the click of a button. 

It's the little things... :)

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