Improving Communication Between School and Home with Google Forms

All too often, I find myself feeling guilty over the phone calls that I make to parents. 

They go something like this:


This is Ms. Pollishuke calling. I needed to let you know that [fill in child's name]...

a) has not completed homework.
b) has failed a test.
c) is misbehaving in class.
d) really anything negative in nature.

I'd love to be able to talk to parents just as often about thoughtful contributions in class discussions, moments of leadership and examples of critical thinking but there just isn't enough time.

When I learned about the Google Forms add-on formMule written by the New Visions Cloud Lab, I found a solution.

This add-on allows me to not only make communicating with my students' parents easier but because it takes only moments to fill in the form, I can send home notes for positive reasons just as often if not more often than negative ones. Plus, each email is documented for future reference in the spreadsheet.

It changes the dynamic of the relationship between the school and the home almost immediately. 

Imagine your students wanting you to call their parents! 

It's wonderful.

The set-up will take about 30 minutes if you're relatively new to Forms and Spreadsheets. If you're already comfortable with them, it won't even take that long. Once it is all set up though, you're good to go!

Click here to access step-by-step instructions for setting up the Google Form, Spreadsheet and formMule Add-on.

To get started, you'll need:

  • a class list (first name followed by last name is preferred
  • a list of the email addresses of students' parents/guardians

You can also watch the screencast below for the same instructions.

Feel free to respond with any questions. I hope this communication system helps you as much as it has helped me this year!

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  1. I am not allowed to install any add on with my work computer. How do I fill the formula without an add on?

  2. I’m having the same issue - I can’t seem to get anything whitelisted (copy down, autocrat, etc). I figured I could get it to work from my personal email but then it has my personal email.



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